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22 days ago
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Discover the Charm of Canmore Alpine Hostel: Your Gateway to the Rockies 

Canmore Alpine hostel header pic 2
Canmore Alpine Hostel
Canmore Alpine Hostel views
Canmore Alpine Hostel interior
Canmore Alpine Hostel wedding KK Photography MI Wedding 1236

Photo Credit: K K Photography

Canmore Alpine Hostel tucked in trees KK Photography MI Wedding 102

Photo Credit: K K Photography

Alpine Club of Canada logo

Alpine Club of Canada

Since 1906, the Alpine Club of Canada is a leader in promoting mountaineering, fostering a sense of adventure, and advocating for the protection of the alpine environment for over a century. With over 50 years of history in Canmore, the Canmore Clubhouse, serves as the headquarters for the Alpine Club of Canada and the home of the Canmore Alpine Hostel. The club continues to provide a special place in the Rockies for members, guests, and mountain lovers alike. Come stay in the cozy 31-person hostel or charming private cabins. Offering an enchanting wedding venue and accommodating group bookings; come climb, celebrate, and immerse yourself in the mountains.