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11 months ago
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Relax On The Best Patio In Kananaskis: Come to Mount Engadine Lodge 

Mount Engadine on the Peak with Aman Shai
Mount Engadine Man Dog 2 Michael Dietrich 2
Mount Engadine charcuterie on the Patio Michelle Klatt
Mount Engadine Cabin Swing Views Herry Himanshu 2 2
Mount Engadine Summer Starry Night Herry Himanshu
Mount Engadine Bride and Groom Brenton Alexander 2
Mount Engadine Bride Brenton Alexander 1
Mount Engadine Charcuterie close up Lucy 2
Mount Engadine Lodge logo

Mount Engadine Lodge

Mount Engadine is the only accommodation in Spray Valley Provincial Park. They are a pet-friendly mountain lodge located in the heart of Kananaskis, Alberta. A true hidden gem, the mountain getaway features a variety of accommodation options including Cabins, Glamping Tents and a main Lodge. All meals are included with your stay. Guests receive a true wilderness experience while enjoying a resort atmosphere.

An Elevated Wilderness Experience at Mount Engadine Lodge 

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Come Experience Summer at Mount Engadine Lodge! 

Mount Engadine: Where Adventure Calls