Canmore Stories

There is more to Canmore than immediately meets the eye. We are a community made up of a wide variety of diverse businesses, organizations and people, all of which have one thing in common; our love and sense of where we live.

2 months ago
1 min read


The Jim Cuddy Trio will be performing live from our rooftop stage, with guests viewing the concert from either their own private guest-room balcony, or VIP pool deck & cocktail Lounge, or sound garden. This is an exclusive VIP concert experience, allowing concertgoers a safe and fun way to enjoy live music, topped off with a luxury mountain getaway.

4 months ago
1 min read

Origin at Spring Creek

Origin is renowned for its innovative and industry-leading senior communities, where residents and their loved ones may access care for a scale of needs, including assisted living, respite care, and memory care.

11 months ago
1 min read

The Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Rockies invites Pilgrims to visit and celebrate Mass at the the newly completed Church

After many long years of planning and work, the Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Rockies Parish is now completed. Many thanks go out to the Steering Committee for guiding and keeping the project on track, to Ron Boruk, architect of Calgary, for the beautiful design, Norr Architecture and Modco Construction for implementing and building and to all the many donors and trades who gave their time, talent and treasure.

11 months ago
1 min read

Canmore's Dreamiest Book Store

Café Books is a sight to behold. The majority of the furniture is reclaimed and salvaged. The main bookcase is made from an old butler pantry, a Welsh chapel door from the 1800s was transformed into the washroom entrance; an 18th-century French workbench is used as a table for the cashier tills.

1 year ago
1 min read


Shawn and Marnie Dawson and their three kids have been living in Three Sisters Mountain Village for just over a year. After more than a decade of being based out of Peaks of Grassi, the couple began thinking longer-term. The prospect of planning for retirement and a growing family led the couple to make a move towards something slightly more spacious.

2 years ago
2 min read

7 Days of Pure Mountain Experience!

Combining our love for the mountains and for the arts, the first ever Mountain Culture Summit at artsPlace is an incredible gathering of films, talks, workshops and special guests.

2 years ago
1 min read

Biathlon Stars will Shine on Canmore's Backyard

It's not everyday we get to watch Olympic and World Champion biathletes race our ski trails, shop our grocery stores, or stroll our Main Street. Next week's World Cup Biathlon event is your chance to rub shoulders (or shop for apples) with the fittest athletes on the planet.

Building for the future...respecting the land forever.

Bow Valley Builders & Developers Association (BOWDA) is dedicated to a "sense of place" by ensuring cooperative and sustainable growth is undertaken and managed responsibly by the development industry, the Town of Canmore, and our growing population.

3 years ago
1 min read

Cross Country Canada Presents Frozen Thunder

Since 2009, Frozen Thunder, an innovative snow-stockpiling project at the Canmore Nordic Centre, has provided the nation’s cross-country skiing and biathletes with early season on-snow training on more than two kilometres of groomed ski trails!

4 years ago
3 min read

The Obvious (and not so obvious reasons) for taking an Avalanche Safety Training Course

There are numerous reasons why winter recreationalists should take an avalanche course. These reasons range from the obvious to the not so obvious and this article will explore some of the less obvious. The obvious reasons are well promoted, advertised, and proven but for the sake of making sure the good word is spread, those obvious reasons will be addressed first.

4 years ago
1 min read

Discover our history at the Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre

Who named the Three Sisters? What is the story behind Ha Ling Peak? Which are the oldest buildings in the Bow Valley? How long did the Canmore Coal Mines operate? How has Canmore changed since the coal mines shut down in 1979? The answers to all these questions and more are at the Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre where we’re dedicated to telling the stories of our mountains and our communities to you.

Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley

Enjoy living or playing in the Bow Valley? The Biosphere Institute is a local charity that helps to make the Bow Valley more sustainable. We promote sustainable communities and environmental stewardship by engaging youth, residents, visitors, and local businesses through education, outreach programs and our community resource center.

Roam Public Transit

Roam Transit operates an environmentally friendly transit service throughout Canmore and the Bow Valley. Our service allows both residents and visitors to move freely and cost effectively without the use of a private automobile